• Eva M. Hernandez Janer-Mann



    Ph.D. Anthropology (in progress)

    Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES) at Rutgers University

  • Bio

    Me llamo Eva (eh-bah), and I am a biological anthropologist in training.


    My primary research interest involves primate dietary variation in response to environmental changes (anthropogenic/ climate change). More specifically, I am interested in how primates dietarily adapt to climate and anthropogenic-induced habitat loss, using tools like stable isotope analysis on soft and hard tissue.


    In both an academic and social sphere, I am always passionate about identifying and combating inequality around me. I aim to continue to actively help, learn, educate, promote, fight, and work towards a more decolonized anthropology and more equitable spaces both within academia and out.

  • Research

    Current and past research & fieldwork

    Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico

    Research Project: (in progress)

    Identifying Climate Induced Diet Variation in Rhesus Macaques, Cayo Santiago Puerto Rico

    • Looking at pre- and post- Hurricane Maria rhesus macaque colonies 
    • Stable Isotope Analysis 
    • Dietary variation in different  tissue types 
    • Habitat Changes
    • Climate Change induced fallback diet

    Tequesta Village/ Metropolitan Square, Miami, Florida

    Undergraduate Honors Thesis:

    Geochemical analysis of Tequesta calcretes​ (2019)

    • Environmental reconstruction on Tequesta Village using organic & inorganic Stable Isotope Analysis
    • Geochemical analysis (incl. Petrographic Analysis, X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence, Total Organic Carbon Analysis)  of calcrete growth on late Pleistocene oolite.

    San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

    NSF Funded Internship:

    The Emergence Of Social Inequality (2018)

    • Identifying post-cranial pathologies & trauma in a pre-Tiwuakanu hunter-gatherer population (1st millennium CE.) in the oases of San Pedro de Atacama. 
  • Photography

    Field, research, and outreach albums

  • Education

    Rutgers University (RU)

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 2020- currently

    Anthropology, Human Evolutionary Sciences (HES)

    Advisor: Dr. Erin Vogel

    New York University (NYU)

    Masters of Arts (M.A.) 2017-2020

    Anthropology, Human Skeletal Biology (HSB)

    Advisors: Dr's Susan Antón, James Higham, Scott Williams

    University of Miami (UM)

    Bachelors or Arts (B.A.) 2014-2017

    Anthropology Advisor: Dr. William Pestle

    Geological Sciences Advisors: Dr. Harold Wanless, Dr. Don McNeill

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    (Last Updated Summer 2020)


    Support & Collaborations

    SACNAS - NYU Chapter Vice President & Media Director

    NYU Fall 2018- Fall 2020

    NYU's Chapter of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in STEM (SACNAS). An inclusive organization that promotes diversity and equal opportunity in STEM. SACNAS (& NYU Chapter) provide a platform and support for the most underrepresented in STEM to attain degrees, careers, and leadership positions.

    New York's Community BioLab

    Cayo Santiago & Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico

    Department of Anthropology, NYU